To predict your unofficial cumulative GPA, enter your current cumulative GPA hours and GPA points into the appropriate boxes below. Your cumulative GPA hours and grade points can be found by logging onto CentralLink and under My Account select View My Academic Work..  (Special Note: Your GPA credit hours include only letter graded CMU courses and not transfer credit courses or CMU courses where you earned a grade of "CR."). 

Enter the number of credit hours and the letter grade you anticipate for each class taken for the current semester. After all credit hours and grades have been entered, click Compute Totals to calculate your GPA.

Remember, official GPA scores are truncated at the second digit after the decimal place, not rounded up.

Cumulative GPA Credit Hours Cumulative Grade Points
Credit Hours Letter Grade Honor Points

Total Credit Hours Total Honor Points Predicted Grade Point Average

** Note: This unofficial GPA calculator is intended as a tool to assist students in predicting their GPA and has no bearing on official CMU records.